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Futures Collegiate Baseball League - 2023 Player Registration


Welcome to the The Futures Collegiate Baseball League - 2023 Player Registration!

Registration is only for players who have been offered a contract directly from a Futures League organization. Filling out this form does NOT mean a player will be placed on a roster.


This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation, and submit payment.

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. 

To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or ACH Bank Account information available.

This waiver and release agreement is intended to be as broad as is allowed under the applicable law and applies to any and all claims for damages, regardless of whether they are allegedly caused by the negligence of the league or its employees.


Please direct questions to:

Joshua Kummins

League Administrator